3 Ways to Get Longer Life Out of Your Ford F150 Seat Covers

Ford F150 seat covers are your first line of defense against the wear and tear of daily use. Without them, the abuse that you deal out would be absorbed by natural interiors and result in massive losses to the value of the vehicle. The longer these products last, the longer your vehicle maintains its natural integrity. When prolonging the life of your purchase, these simple decisions make all the difference. Pay attention to color. Finding the right color scheme for seat protection is how you should complement the exterior with the interior. Finding a look that doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons is the difference between a natural look and feel and the belief that you’ve let your Nana pick out the colors. Choosing the correct shade or combination also provides visual protection against stains and other mishaps. On that topic- Be prepared for accidents. (They do happen.) Don’t just assume that being careful is the answer. If you have children or pets, especially, you know how easily the things that you don’t plan or intend for become reality. Custom Ford F150 weathertech car cover guard your vehicle’s natural seating against the unexpected and allow you to transport the loves of your life to and from soccer practice (or the vet’s office, as the case may be) with a clean conscience. Choosing the right type for your needs also allows you to hide the mishaps that detract from your vehicle’s integrity. Make sure that “the shoe fits.” One big mistake that many well-intentioned and misguided people make is not customizing the measurements to the style of their vehicle. With the Ford F150 being one of the most popular and easily recognized trucks in the world, there is no excuse for choosing something that will be an eyesore. Customization prevents clunky cosmetics and allows you to select a look that appears completely natural. It also cuts back on snagging and tears, thus preventing the need for replacements.

Ford F150 Lights – What You Need to Know

It’s a simple fact of life: accidents happen. And when you have something as fragile as a headlight mounted on the front of your vehicle, they’re at the mercy of flying rocks, protruding objects and careless drivers. The odds that something won’t happen are not in your favor. Luckily, Ford F150 headlights are easily replaced and come in a wide variety of custom sizes, shapes and tints, quickly adding a highly-stylized look to the exterior of your vehicle.

When you need to replace a Ford F150 headlight, follow this simple 6-step process:

STEP 1: With the headlights in the ‘off’ position, open the hood to access the headlight assembly.

STEP 2: Locate the rear of the headlight assembly and remove the protective cover and the three screws that are located beneath it.

STEP 3: Pry up the center tab to detach the headlight assembly from the truck and gently slide the headlight assembly forward.

STEP 4: Remove the burnt bulb by pulling the electrical connector from the back of the bulb and turning the bulb counterclockwise to release it.

STEP 5: Install the new bulb, making sure it snaps securely into the electrical connector.

STEP 6: Replace the headlight assembly to its proper position and reconnect the electrical connection. Push the center tab back into place to secure the housing. And finally, replace the three screws and protective cover.

But a headlight isn’t the only casualty of war. F150 taillights see a lot of action, too. In fact, given the extensive damage inflicted by towing, hauling or just pulling things in and out of the bed, it’s not uncommon to have to replace the entire tail light. But, that can actually be a thing of beauty. F150 taillights feature LED bulbs that come in a wide range of colors to match your exterior and personal taste. Plus, it’s one of the easiest installations you’ll ever complete: just yank out the old one and insert the new, with no additional modifications or wiring required.

If you need to replace an F150 tail light, here’s how:

STEP 1: Let the tailgate down and locate the tail light mounting bolts on the inside of the tailgate jamb, removing them by turning them counterclockwise.

STEP 2: With a firm grip, pull the tail light away from the truck to dislodge the pins holding it in the body grommets.

STEP 3: Next, remove the light sockets from the tail light by turning them counterclockwise and pulling them out of the tail light. Insert the sockets into the new tail light and replace the unit by realigning the mounting pins with the body grommets and pushing it back into place.

STEP 4: Finally, after securely reinstalling the two bolts, you’re all set!

The final essential when it comes to Ford F150 lighting is a set of F150 fog lights. F150 fog lights are highly durable, encased in protective housings, and come in varying levels of brightness. Like F150 taillights, they feature a simple installation and mount effortlessly to any grille guard, light bar or roof rack.

Choice Selection of Grilles For Ford F150 Trucks

That gorgeous new Ford 150 is sitting in your driveway and it looks beautiful. But it’s missing something, that personal touch that makes it yours in particular. Why not look up Grilles for Ford F150 trucks? There is a great site where you can find everything from basic to designer grilles that will look great on the front of your truck. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can make either a bold fashion statement or a refined, elegant announcement when you pull into wherever you are headed. Of course, there are several different kinds, but let’s go over the basic choices as far as material. Plastic, chrome, and mesh are the basic beginnings of all of them, and then you can decide whether you want a logo cutout in the middle or not. Plastic is usually what comes from the factory on a basic model. Just by looking at it, you might not be able to spot it. It can look like metal depending on how they cover or paint it. It also gives you better gas mileage by decreasing the weight of the vehicle slightly. They are less expensive to replace if damaged in an accident and can do the trick if you want a nice look, without spending a lot of money. Mesh is also a nice choice for work trucks and the like. It gives the front end an industrial look without making it look too rugged. A nice touch for any accessory grille, it can give your truck professional looks, letting your clients know you mean business and can do the job.

The most common choice of grille for looks and price for the Ford F150 is the chrome style. Whether you choose a billet or a bar grille, there is a large selection of designs available to choose from. Starting from the top, they have the factory imposter overlay grilles. While these look like their plastic predecessors that came directly from the factory, they are in fact a great style of chrome that looks fantastic and will last much longer. The billet grilles look nice whether used on cars or trucks and the style is usually a vertical one, and sometimes broken up with bars in between. Unfortunately, they are also great bug catchers, but they give your vehicle that special addition. If you like the rougher, tougher look, the waterfall style might be just for you. When you look at the truck from the front, it kind of reminds you of a smaller “monster truck” kind of design. Very nice looking and very tough at the same time, a great combo! Whatever your style is, you can find grilles for Ford F150 trucks online. They will be able to accommodate anyone’s price range with availability from $129 to $395 for an accessory grille. Also offered with each one is a picture of how it might look on your vehicle, so you don’t have to do any guesswork on it before you actually purchase it.

Add Style to Your Truck With Ford F150 Accessories

The Ford F150 is a truck made in the USA that is being sold throughout the world along with other Ford vehicles. Since it is the most selling truck all over globe, many companies are concentrating more on producing the spare parts of F150. These are heavy duty trucks and no matter what use you put them to everyday, they are sure to offer you high quality performance and various companies are manufacturing accessories that can stand the same challenges successfully as the original Ford150. In order to provide your truck with a classy look, various accessories are available which offer a very smooth finishing touch. Various parts and frills such as several types of seat covers, floor mats, exhausts, deflector’s, etc. offer your truck with unique features and an exclusive look. A large range of parts and accessories available for an F150 truck are discussed below:

  1. F-150 parts for better performance

You can upgrade your car in order to achieve better performance with a large range of upgrades such as power programmers, NOS kits, and performance chips. Such upgradation crafts your car for an improved performance and makes it actually fly with speed.

  1. F-150 Wheels

Special types of wheel replacement packages are also available in the market. Chrome wheels, aluminum rims, and custom wheels give a stupendous appearance that fits as a perfect match for your car.

  1. F-150 Headlights

A large variety of F-150 headlights are offered by many companies. These include fog lights, halogen lights, black housing headlights, custom headlights, project headlights, aftermarket headlights, and many more. All these help distinguish your truck from all the others in its class.

  1. F-150 Body Kits

A diverse range of kits such as F-150 front bumper add-ons, body kit panels, exterior frills, body kit accessories, custom body ground effect kits, and other such extra added features make your truck look different and unique.

  1. F-150 Floor Mats

F-150 floor mats help in protecting your carpet against unnecessary waste and dust. OEM floor mats, custom floor mats, and other types of well-designed floor mats assist in maintaining the interiors of your truck neat and clean.